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Hello Rummy
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Hello Rummy Apk

Hello Rummy Download, Teen Patti Wow , Teen Patti Download

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हेलो दोस्तों आपका स्वागत हे इस हमारे इस ब्लॉग में दोस्तों यहाँ पर आप जो एप को डाऊनलोड करने वाले है उसमे रियल केस यानिकि सचमुच के पैसे का यूज होता है इस लिए आपकी उम्र 18+ है तो ही इस एप को डाऊनलोड करना

एप को डाऊनलोड करने के लिए आपको सबसे निचे डाऊनलोड का ऑप्सन मिलेगा आप उस पर क्लिक करके इस गेम को डाउन लोड कर सकते है।

How To Download Hello Rummy APK

दोस्तो Hello Rummy App को Download करने के लिए Download के बटन पर क्लिक कीजिए अब आपका Hello Rummy Game Download हो जाएगा।

How To Create Hello Rummy Account

दोस्तो Hello Rummy Apps में Sing Up करके के लिए नीचे दिए गए Step को Follow करे।

1. सबसे पहले Hello Rummy App को Intall करके Open करे।

2. Open करने के बाद आपका Guast Acoount Open हो जायेगा, इसके बाद Profile Option पर क्लिक करे और अपना नाम लिख दीजिए।

3. Bound पर क्लिक करके अपना Mobile Number ओर जो Password रखना है वह पासवर्ड डाल कर OTP Verify कर दीजिए।

How To Add Cash In Hello Rummy

दोस्तो Hello Rummy में Money Add करने के लिए आपको नीचे BUY का एक ऑप्शन देखने मिलेगा वहां पर क्लिक करके आप Hello Rummy Recharge कर सकते हो।

1. सबसे पहले BUY पर क्लिक करे।

2. अब आपको जितना Cash Add करना है वह Option चूस कर लीजिए।

3. अब Next Step पर क्लिक करके KYC कंप्लीट कर दीजिए ओर अपना UPI ID Enter करके Pay Now पर क्लिक करे।

4. अब आपको Payment Confirm करना है और Money Add हो जाएगा।

How To Withdraw In Hello Rummy

दोस्तो Hello Rummy Withdrawal करने के लिए आपको नीचे Right Side में Withdraw का Option दिखाई देगा वहां पर क्लिक करके आप Withdraw लगा सकते हो।

1. Withdral के option पर क्लिक करे।

2. +Bank पर क्लिक करे और Account NumberUser NameBank NameIFSC Code ओर Email ID डाल कर Save Bank पर क्लिक कीजिये।

3. Amount में जितना Withdrawl लगाना है उतना Amount डाल कर Withdraw पर क्लिक कर दीजिए।

hello rummy apk

Hello Rummy Available Game’s

  1. Rummy
  2. Teenpatti
  3. 10 Card
  4. Variation
  5. Dragon Vs Tiger
  6. Andar Bahar
  7. 7 Up Dwon
  8. Car Roulette
  9. Zoo Roulette
  10. Best Of Five
  11. Teenpatti 20-20
  12. Poker

How To Refer And Earn In Hello Rummy

दोस्तों Hello Rummy Game के अंदर आप Refer And Earn के जारी अच्छी खासी Earning कर सकते हो। Refer And Earn करने के लिए निचे दिए गए Steps को Follow करे।
  1. सबसे पहले Agent के ऑप्शन पर क्लिक करे।
  2. आपको WhatsApp या Facebook पर अपनी Referral Link Share करनी हे।
  3. जब कोई आपकी भेजी गयी Link से Game Download करके Login करेंगे तो आपको 10 रूपे मिलेंगे।
  4. अब जब आपके Referral Cash Add करके खेलेंगे तो आपको उसका 30 प्रतिशत Commission मिलेगा।
  5. Refer And Earn से कमाए हुए पैसे को Withdraw करने के लिए Claim का ऑप्शन दिखाई देगा वहा पर क्लिक करके Cash Withdraw कर लीजिए।

Hello rummy Refer & Earn

master teenpatti

Hello Rummy Weekly Bonus

दोस्तों Hello Rummy की एक खास बात हे की इसमें Refer And Earn के अंदर Weekly Bonus दिया जाता हे। यानि की अगर आप Refer करके Week में 1000 से 3000 कमाते हो तो आपको 500 रुपए का Extra Bonus मिलता हे। इसी तरह आपको बहोत ज्यादा Weekly Bonus मिल सकता हे, इसमें आपको कितना बोनस मिल सकता हे उसकी लिस्ट निचे दिञी हे।
1000 To 3000 = 500
3001 To 5000 = 1000
5001 To 8000 = 3000
8001 To 10000 = 6000
10001 To 15000 = 10000
15001 To 20000 = 15000
20001 To 30000 = 20000
30001 To 50000 = 30000
50001 To 80000 = 60000
80001 To 100000 = 100000
100001 To 999999999 = 200000

Hello Rummy VIP

Hello Rummy में VIP का ऑप्शन भी देखने मिलता है, जिसमे आप VIP लेकर Daily का ज्यादा Bonus Earn कर सकते हो। इसके लिए आपको VIP लिखा हुआ ओप्शन देखने मिलेगा वहां पर करना है, ओर फिर वहां से आप Hello Rummy VIP ले सकते हो।

Hello Rummy Customer Care Number/Hello Rummy Helpline Number

Hello Rummy WhatsApp Number:- +639668176744

Hello Rummy Offer

hello rummy game download

Hello Rummy Money Making Tips

1. Do you want to have fun while making money? Be our agent! Enjoy free commissions everyday that is withdrawable anytime! Imagine using our game app every day to have fun and make money. Come on!

Share your link with your friends and earn money instantly!

2. Being our agent can make you earn money everyday with just a few clicks. Get the satisfaction of playing by also earning at the same time.

Join us! Share your link and be our Agent.

3. Playing becomes profitable when playing with your friends. Make money under the comfort of your own home! Become our agent! Invite friends and get commissions daily! What are you waiting for?

Share your link with your friends and earn money instantly!

4. Dear player, We apologize for the inconvenience, Our system will be having a maintenance by 3:30am until 3:50am of June 26,2021. After the maintenance you can start playing the game again. Please contact the Customer Support for some related questions. Thank you for your understanding and Have a nice day.

5. Are you excited about our game? Do you want to get some extra commission to play more of our games? what are you waiting for? Become an agent and have the opportunity to play our games without recharging!

6. Be our Agent and get 30% of your friend’s tax amount! The more friends you refer, the more money you will earn. Start earning unlimited daily by sharing your link to your friends!

7. Earn money without working so hard! Come and join us! Be our Agent! Share the game, enjoy the fun of playing with friends, and get commissions every day!

8. It’s your time to step out of your comfort zone of being just a player! Be an extraordinary! Be our Agent and enjoy its additional benefits! Share your link and earn commissions instantly!

9. Do you want to earn real big commissions? Share our game to as many as you can and get commissions daily, which you can withdraw at any time of the day! Encourage your friends to play together and share with them the fun and thrill of playing our game!

10. For those players who are interested to be our Agent in order to receive extra weekly bonuses, what are you waiting for? Please check our Weekly bonus page, which can be found in the “Refer and Earn” corner to learn about our wonderful offers! For more questions, you can contact our online customer service. We will be very glad to hear from you.

11. Are you thrilled of our games? Do you want to get some commissions that you can use to play more of Our games? What are you wating for? Become an Agent and have the opportunity to play our games without needing to top up!

Hello Rummy Weekly Bonus New Offer

Hello Rummy Weekly Bonus

Hello Dear Hello Rummy Players!

Good News! Today is Monday and this is the time of the week where you can start collecting additional weekly bonuses exclusively for our Agents who referred and continuously referring players to our game application. You have a week to collect your extra weekly bonuses! Remember that it Will expire in a week, So please be sure to collect it before this week ends! You can withdraw your chips at any time of the day!

hello eummy

hello rummy app download

hello rummy download

hello rummy apk

hello rummy apk download

hello rummy app download

hello rummy game

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